9 weird psychological reasons why someone might fall in love with you

Love and attraction are cryptic and odd things.

There’s a lot we do not understand — and a lot that’s idiosyncratic to couples and individual individuals.

That’s why a lot of research into why we conjugate is weird to the point of incoherence — ethnic standards as well as oddities in research methods can create lots of noise.

Yet it ends up that there is a lot of science about why people fall in love that is simultaneously pretty credible and really superb unusual.

Remember that no one study is sufficient to draw , broad judgments that are definite.

However, there is a lot of fascinating knowledge out there about our habits of love and attraction.

Here are nine of the most intriguing findings:

1. Age, life experiences, degrees of attractiveness, and common values can make a significant difference.


2. That can mean hair and eye color, but also age. Kids of young parents tend to seek out partners that are young more commonly.


3. There is some evidence that smell can play a part in interest. Ovulating girls, for example, may prefer the odors of men with more testosterone. And guys may prefer the odors of women at certain times within their menstrual cycles.

Also, take a look at our review of a website that matches people predicated on how they smell after not showering.


4. If you keep an open position, then that can force you to look closed off — and inviting and alluring.


5. Height also can play an important part in attractiveness — specially for men — in the short- and long term.


6. Sharing experiences that are frightening or thrilling looks like a fantastic way to jump start attraction. So possibly skip that coffee date for some skydiving?


7. Then it is more likely to become something because you’re able to get to know one another through running into each other, if you and your crush live close to one another.


8. Grinning is another fantastic way to appear alluring. Research suggests that a lot of people are just drawn to partners that are more favorable.


9. The greatest way to fall in love with someone is to really get to know them. One researcher notoriously showed this by having pairs of strangers ask one another merely 36 questions in 45 minutes. The results demonstrated exactly how individuals can build intimacy with practically anyone — if they attempted.

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