Tracy Ellen’s “Name The New Review Team” Contest Winner Chosen!

For those of you that signed up to be part of my new Review Team by emailing at or here on my blog, thank you so much! I will be sending out the ARC’s of Acadia’s Law tonight, so check your emails in a couple of hours!

You guys also gave me some really great, snazzy ideas for Review Team names. I agonized and agonized!


But after a delicious summer cocktail that was fizzy and gave me a pink mustache, I finally chose!

The name of Tracy Ellen’s new Review Team is:





-Submitted by Juliette Lundgren-

You are hereby know as the



Thank you, Juliette! Your choice of  a team name has slightly evil overtones, which I find very appealing…

My thanks to everyone for their very, very fun ideas! 

Happy ARC Reading!


Join Tracy Ellen’s New Review Team AND




 SNAZZY NAME—>Animated-gif-spinning-question-mark-picture-moving





What is a Review Team?  A Review Team is typically a group of fans that like a particular author and agree to receive an ARC (Advanced Review Copy) of that author’s current book in exchange for writing a review on the day their new book is released for sale. In my case, as a self-published author, your reviews would  help me generate immediate interest in my books to attract new readers.

Do you need any special qualifications to be on my Review Team?  Well, I think your pretty special no matter what, but all you need is four things.

1. An Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iTunes account to be able to post a review at one or all of those major bookseller sites. In addition, posting a review and rating on Goodreads is also appreciated, but where the books are sold is the biggie for an author.

2. The ability to read the ARC in a .pdf  format on your PC, etc.

3. Be willing to read my book over a two week period (give or take) and post your review on the release date.

4. Live on Earth. (My new Review Team is open to International readers, too!)

What if you hate one of my new books? Simple. Delete the ARC and don’t write a review. Obviously, I’m looking for positive reviews from my own Review Team, but I don’t  expect anybody to write a rave review if they don’t feel the love.

How do we get started creating this new Review Team? I have no idea how many, if any, people will respond. To begin, I am limiting the new Review Team to fifty people.

1. Be one of the first fifty people to respond to this post by Sunday night ( 7/13/14)  at my Review Team email listed below and you’re on the team!

2. I will send you an ARC of Acadia’s Law: Book One, Undying Love Series on Monday night (7/15/14).

3. You agree to post your review at Amazon, B&N, or iTunes (or all 3!) by Sunday 7/27/14.

SPECIAL CONTEST ALERT! Along with your email to join the team, please add a super cool suggestion what to name my new Review Team. If I pick your suggestion (first email received, in the case of duplicate name suggestion) you will win an autographed paperback copy of Acadia’s Law and some surprise swag (US only) OR a $13 gift card to your choice of Amazon or B&N. (US and International)


(Copy and Paste)









Attention Blogger-Reviewers! Acadia’s Law Blog Tour and Giveaway Sign Up

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Acadia’s Law Sneak Preview and Book Blurb!

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Acadia’s Law, Book One, Undying Love Series


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Acadia’s Law: Book One , Undying Love Series 

–A Contemporary Romance/ Apocalyptic Thriller —

Acadia King is a young widow, dark with despair over the death of her husband two years previous and the heavy burden of running a large farm. At the concerned promptings of friends, Acadia reluctantly agrees to socialize in the hopes of finding a little happiness. How could she know that the same night she finally ventures out to a cocktail bar to meet a date an infection that turns people into violent crazies will begin to sweep across the metro area!

For every person that can empathize with losing a special love and the struggle to find a reason to go on, be prepared for a sensual and exuberant romance! For every person that has ever wondered what they would do if they had a day to get ready for the end of the world, be prepared for the start of a humorous, dark, action-packed, thrill ride!

Acadia’s Law introduces us to an outrageous heroine struggling to find her feet again, an insanely hot hero doing his best to keep her on her back, and an engaging supporting cast of  characters in the apocalyptic world of Acadia King.


Acadia’s Law Sneak Preview of Sample Chapters

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Congratulations to the reader and blogger winner of my pay it forward Surprise! Giveaway on May 6, 2014!


The surprise gift was a $100 Gift Card each to their choice of Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Reader winner:  Joy Flynn

Blogger winner: Marina Skinner, MI Bookshelf blog

Thank you everyone for your participation and for being great supporters of indie authors!


Tracy Ellen